Packing takes skill

23 Jul 2016

Last week I was staging a home in Crestwood. Such a beautiful ranch style home. This home has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a full acre of land in an amazing neighborhood! Who wouldn’t want to live here? (Besides the current owners who are selling it. Buy their house please?)

It usually takes me a couple of days to stage a home this size. I always say I do my best thinking when I am alone staging a home. I also do my best eating, talking to myself and staring at my pores in a mirror when by myself, but that’s an entirely different post on an entirely different self help blog that I’ll spare you all from.

As I’m staging a home I instantly start picturing myself living there. “Where would I want my sofa?”, “Where is the closest Krispy Kreme?” (self help post plug right there). The point is, that just after a few hours I have managed to move myself in, have already decided the new china place setting I’ll be purchasing for Christmas dinner and trying to fgure out how I can sell my current home and buy this one. Then instantly stress myself out over the fact that I would have to stage my own home, which makes my palms sweaty as I type this. I then snap myself back into reality and realize that I can’t buy a new home every couple weeks when I stage another home. I bought a house about a year ago and I’m still not fully unpacked. If I moved every few weeks theres a good chance I’d never find my cat or the TV remote ever again.

That brings me to this: Packing. I don’t know one single person who enjoys packing. Imagine this: For a living I pack and unpack stuff out of multiple homes, multiple times a month and somehow I can tell you exactly where the salt and pepper shaker is located that I used for the home on Maple Drive a few months ago but if you ask me where my tax returns are for 2014 at my own home, there is a good chance you’ll see a grown man crawl into the fetal position and cry. (Dear IRS, please stop reading.)

Packing up a home can take talent. The biggest thing you have to remember is to take your time. Wrap each piece individually and carefully. Nothing is more disappointing then when you throw all your dishes in a box and think “they’ll be fine” only to find out you’ll be dining on chinette for the forseable future after you open the box. My biggest pet peeve is that packing materials can be so incredibly expensive! I used to go and buy rolls and rolls of bubble wrap every time I moved and I wrapped everything like I was carrying the hope diamond (in reality it’s actually my limited edition set of Mamas Family on DVD, don’t judge).

When getting ready for a big move, before you have your moving company charge you a fortune on packing materals, hit up craigslist! So many people are giving away bubble wrap, boxes, packing paper, you name it! For Free! Not a fan of a craigslist? No problem! I’ve often hit up many local businesses to see if they have any boxes they are throwing out and almost all the time they are! However, stay away from the big box stores such as Walmart, they rarely give away boxes. Stick to the “small box stores” for packing boxes (small box, see what I did there?). Most of the time they are happy to send some your way.