Lets not get a big head, shall we?

21 Aug 2016

Being a home stager in St Louis, I regularly hit up stores like Homegoods, At Home, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and just about any other discount home decor establishment you can think of. There are so many reproductions of popular furniture and decor of the latest trends.

Recently I walked into a store that shall remain nameless and encountered a Buddha head that was the size of a Hyundai accent. It was for sale for the low price of $699.00. Immediately you think, who would buy this? And if someone even had the space for something like this, would they really be shopping at a bargain type establishment?

Often times when I enter someone’s house, I find that everyone has his or her own style. Everyone has his or her quirks. However, will this attract all homebuyers? Sure you may love your Precious Moment collection that was collected year after year from your Aunt Sally, but will your prospective buyers enjoy it? Most likely not.

Homeowners often try to rationalize what they have purchased for their home when I am performing an initial walk through. I stress to people: this isn’t about having good or bad taste; it’s your taste. However, we’re not staging for your taste.

When picking a stager (Hi, have we met?) just always remember, the stager is there to beautify your home for the masses. Keep your eye on the prize: selling your house. Until then, pack up the Precious Moments and by all means, if you have a Buddha head the size of a compact car in your living room, don’t ask your stager to work it into the design plan because you don’t want to move it. Think of it like getting that tattoo that you just had to have while on spring break in 1999; it might have been a great idea at the time, but it has to go.