Home staging

Soft staging

Don’t want to stage the whole house, but want it to feel less cold? Try our soft staging option. We’ll add towels in the bathrooms, welcome mats, and even fresh flowers to the front porch. This is a cost effective option to make your home more inviting to prospective buyers.

Vacant home staging

Some homeowners prefer to move out of the home during the selling process. We’ll come in and stage every room you would like with everything you could imagine. Wall art, furniture, area rugs, lamps, accessories, the sky is the limit.

Your home – reimagined

So it’s time to list your house for sale. While you love your home and love every thing you have picked out, will it appeal to all home buyers? Choose the reminagining option and we’ll come in and remove items, declutter spaces, and bring in a few items to help reimagine your space with mostly your belongings while you live in the home.


Ready to sell your home? Where do you start?

We’ll come into your home and we’ll give you a full report on every aspect of your home. While we’re not trained construction professionals, we’ll be looking at what the buyers first see — everything on the surface! We’ll tell you if you should swap out a light fixture, repaint some facia or even replace flooring in a bathroom that you have gotten used to, but a new buyer may not be a fan of with something more neutral. We’ll consult with you on what colors are best for your home and what homeowners look at right off the bat.